Pairing Your Phone – 2015 Yukon/Yukon XL & 2014 Sierra

Once you’ve paired your phone with your GMC’s IntelliLink system, you will have access to all of your contacts directly from the IntelliLink interface. You’ll then be able to initiate calls using the handsfree voice recognition system. You’ll also be able to check voicemail, see your missed calls, and even listen to the music on your phone, turning your GMC into an office on wheels.

  1. Push the Home button on your vehicle’s center console to pull up the IntelliLink home screen. Photo 1
  1. Select the Phone icon on your home screen.                                                               Photo 2
  1. Select “Pair Device” in the lower-right of the Phone screen.                                   Photo 3
  1. On your phone, go to Settings and be sure that Bluetooth is turned on and is searching for new devices (some phones do this automatically, some will need to be put into a “pair mode”).
  1. Select “GMC IntelliLink” from the device list.
  1. Check the IntelliLink display and make sure it shows the same PIN as on your phone. Photo 4
  1. Accept the pairing on both your phone and the IntelliLink display.
  1. Your phone is now paired.
~Chris Wanamaker – New Car Product Specialist.
If you ever have any additional questions regarding your new Buick or GMC, please visit or call 763-546-2222 and ask for the Technology Training department.

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