Activating Your FREE 5 Years of OnStar RemoteLink

  1. Complete the OnStar “Welcome Call” by pressing the blue OnStar button on your rear-view mirror.
  2. Download the “OnStar RemoteLink” app onto your smartphone.
  3. Within 24 hours you will recieve an email from OnStar containing your OnStar account number.
  4. Open the RemoteLink app on your phone.
  5. Select “Create Account”.
  6. Enter the OnStar account number provided in the email.
  7. After creating the account, test the app by locking, unlocking, or starting your vehicle.
  8. Successfully using one of these functions will activate 5 years of RemoteLink usage, free of charge.
  9. You MUST complete these steps within 15 days of vehicle purchase to recieve the 5 years of RemoteLink usage.

~Matt Mulheran

Technology Trainer at Lupient Buick GMC


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