Tech Tips

With today’s advanced technology, hopping into your car can sometimes be a struggle. There are so many buttons and features; what do they all do?! Lucky for you, Matt Mulheran, one of Lupient’s best New Car Product Specialists, has provided some great tech tips to help solve your problems, or enlighten you to information you didn’t even know about!

Tech Tip #1

Can’t find your trip computer?

Vehicles equipped with the Driver Information Center allow you to customize which information gets displayed.

  1. Press the left arrow and go down to “Settings”.
  2. Then press the down arrow until you see “6 of 10 pages” or “5 of 10 pages” etc.
  3. Pressing the right arrow will allow you to select what information you want readily available (trip sets, oil life, fuel range and more).

Tech Tip #2

Storing phone contacts as radio favorites:

(This is only applicable to the latest Intellilink system: Yukon, Sierra, Lacrosse, Regal)

  1. Pair your phone.
  2. Open up your contacts list under the phone menu.
  3. Press on the bottom of the screen and drag your finger up to reveal the favorites bars.
  4. Press and hold a favorite button, it will then prompt you to select a contact.
  5. Select the contact to save it.

Tech Tip #3

Sirius XM Weather:

The Weather application on your Intellilink system is powered by SiriusXM Travel Link.  Subscribers have access to severe weather alerts, 5 day forecasts and detailed weather maps for your current location, or your destination!

Tech Tip #4

Experiencing unexplained beeps after attaching a trailer or bike rack?

Sometimes the Park Assist sensors will be triggered when attaching something to the back of your vehicle.  Turning off your “Park Assist” system will disable the sensors and stop the beeping.

Tech Tip #5

Why do you have a button for your StabiliTrak (traction control) system?

Traction control uses the anti-lock braking system to prevent your wheels from spinning when you accelerate. Because once the wheels start to spin, you lose all traction and directional control of the vehicle.

So, why would you ever want to turn it off?

The only reason would be if you’re stuck in a pile of snow, for instance. Sometimes the only way out of a parking space or a snowdrift is to “blast out.” That means hitting the gas and letting the wheel spin until it digs down and grabs onto something.


Tech Tip #6

Thinking about going for a sportier look with your vehicle?

Sales Consultant Branden Fessler had his Buick Regal blacked-out with a custom film treatment.  We can custom-wrap any vehicle, new or used, to your liking! (See the attached photos)

We hope these helpful tips can guide your way while enjoying everything your vechicle has to offer!

Take a look at the attached pictures for visuals of the tips.

If you’d like to get in contact with Matt personally, feel free to stop by the Lupient Buick GMC store in Golden Valley, MN, or give him a call at 763-513-4659. He’ll be happy to help out with anything!

Tech Tip #2
Tech Tip #1
Tech Tip #2
Tech Tip #2
Tech Tip #3
Tech Tip #3
Tech Tip #4
Tech Tip #4
Tech Tip #5
Tech Tip #5
Tech Tip #6 - Black Buick Regal before custom taillight film wrap
Tech Tip #6 – Black Buick Regal before custom film wrap
Tech Tip #6 - Black Buick Regal after custom taillight film wrap
Tech Tip #6 – Black Buick Regal after custom film wrap

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