Kia UVO Car Technology

Kia features their UVO technology in many of their vehicle models. UVO is advanced car technology that brings you the best features you could ever want out of a car. It provides an innovative in-vehicle connectivity experience including navigation, diagnostics capabilities, and added convenience features – which we will explore below. The best part? It’s subscription free!

UVO boasts many features, which are Entertainment, Navigation, Convenience, Maintenance and Diagnositcs, Assistive Services, and Security.


With EVO Entertainment, you have access to Pandora, SiriusXM, and SiriusXM TravelLink. You are also able to control your music with a compatible smartphone through Jukebox. There is USB connectivity which allows you to charge devices, upload music to UVO, or even download music from the UVO system. There is also an auxillary input and audio streaming abilities to further your options for how to play your music. Finally, there is a song tagging feature, which allows you to tag a favorite song of yours for later reference.


Navigate to your destinations with UVO’s Voice-Command Navigation System. The UVO Navigation system allows you to set your POIs, or Points of Interest. You can send your POIs from Google Maps to the UVO Navigation system for future routing purposes. The system also includes Trip Info, which shows routes, stops, and destinations. Finally, you are able to update all map information with an SD card provided by Kia.


Kia is always thinking about their customers and wanting to provide the best experience for them. Therefore, they added some useful convenience features to their UVO system. One of these features is the Rear Camera Display. When you engage the reverse gear, the Rear Camera Display will show up on your UVO screen displaying a wide field of vision of the rear of your vehicle to assist in your backup. Next is the Parking Minder. This saves your vehicle’s parking location and then uses your smartphone’s GPS guidance to find your way back. Voice Commands are also a feature of the UVO system. Voice Commands allow you to do a range of tasks hands-free while driving such as making a call and turning on the radio, and more! Finally, Bluetooth Technology is equipped with the UVO system. With a compatible smartphone, the convenience features are endless.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

Kia is also always thinking about how to make things easy for their customers. The first way they ensured this is by adding a Maintenance Notification. The system will remind you when a service appointment should be made, based on the odometer reading. When the notification is displayed, it’s easy to set an appointment. Simply use UVO, your computer, or the eServices mobile app. It’s easy to make sure your vehicle is maintained with the UVO system, and it’s also easy to perform diagnostics tests on your vehicle. All you have to do is press the diagnostics button on your UVO screen to start a check. UVO then gives you the option to call roadside assistance or make a service appointment based on the results of the test. If you would like UVO to make scheduled diagnostics tests, that is a possibility. With the eServices mobile app, you can have the system make regular diagnostics checks. Need to check back on previous diagnostics tests? With the Vehicle Health Report feature, you can do just that. Finally, the UVO system will alert you when critical powertrain issues occur which you will then be able to schedule an appointment or call for roadside assistance.

Assistive Services

As mentioned a couple times above, the UVO system comes equipped with roadside assistance. With this feature, you can be connected to a Roadside Assistance Operator 24/7. UVO can also send data regarding your issue, including your VIN and location, to help get you on your way. In addition to Roadside Assistance, UVO also features 911 Connect. In the event the airbag deploys, 911 Connect can initiate a call to 911 Emergency Services. It can even transmit your vehicle’s location to 911 Emergency Services in some situations.


The UVO system boasts many security features. One of these features is Find My Car. With this feature, you can find where your vehicle is even if you are not driving it. Next is the Geo Fence. This feature allows you to keep tabs on your vehicle, no matter where you are. Geo Fence will alert you if your vehicle is driven outside a predetermined area you’ve set. In addition to the Geo Fence, there is also Curfew Limit and Speed Alert. With Curfew Limit you can ensure that your vehicle is on schedule as well as be notified if your vehicle is out past a predetermined time. With Speed Alert you will be notified if your vehicle exceeds a preset speed.

The Kia UVO system proves to be one that is useful with many helpful features. What is detailed above is only the beginning. If you’d like to find out more, head to or stop by Lupient Kia in Brooklyn Park, MN to try out the UVO system for yourself! Call (877) 700-6531 to find out anything about the Kia UVO system.


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