What is a 27-Point Inspection?

You bring your car in for routine maintenance here at Lupient, let’s say an oil change, and in addition to that oil change, you are told that the service technicians are going to perform a 27-Point Inspection. That term seems like it is thrown around a lot, but do you know what it actually means and what it all includes? In case you don’t, below is the list complied of everything that will be checked during a 27-Point Inspection.

  1. Front-tire wear and condition
  2. Rear-tire wear and condition
  3. Drive-shaft joint boots
  4. Condition of McPherson struts
  5. Condition of rear shock absorbers
  6. Condition of front brakes
  7. Condition of rear brakes
  8. Brake, hydraulic system (fluid, visual check)
  9. Emergency-brake adjustment
  10. Clutch adjustment
  11. Clutch hydraulic system
  12. Condition of muffler and exhaust pipes
  13. Engine and transmission oil
  14. Condition of drive belts
  15. Drive-belts adjustment
  16. Condition of radiator and coolant
  17. Condition of radiator hoses
  18. Condition of heater hoses
  19. Condition of battery and cables
  20. Condition of spark plugs and wires
  21. Condition of air and fuel filters
  22. Condition of wiper blades
  23. Headlight operation
  24. Stop, tail, and turn-signal lights
  25. Heater and AC operation
  26. Restraint system
  27. Other

If anything appears out of sorts, you will hear about it when you pick up your car. It is certainly advised to make an appointment to fix whatever is wrong. Lupient has Service Centers at all six of their dealerships that will be happy to assist you. Just go to http://www.lupient.com/locations/service.htm to find the nearest service center to you.


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