ZTE Mobley: AT&T’s First Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot Plug-in

As of September 11th, 2015, AT&T and ZTE USA began offering the ZTE Mobley, AT&T’s first vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot plug-in. This device allows up to five devices to be connected to the internet at once and use the hotspot data plan. You can do all the regular activities you would do with a typical internet connection such as surf the web, play games, watch videos, and stream music.

Installation and setup of the ZTE Mobley is easy. You simply plug the Mobley into your vehicle’s OBD II (on-board diagnostics) port. It should work with most vehicles 1996 and newer. Once it is plugged in, there is no need for charging cables for the device. Your vehicle will automatically power the device to provide a Wi-Fi connection in a matter of seconds.

The key features of the ZTE Mobley include:

Fast Network Speeds: A Qualcomm MDM9215 processor, along with AT&T’s 4G LTE network, gives fast speed and performance.

Convenience: The ZTE Mobley is on when the car is on, which means that there is no need to turn the device on and off.

Customization: Networks can be customized through AT&T’s Wi-Fi manager home page.

Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President, Internet of Things, AT&T Mobility, said of the ZTE Mobley, “The ZTE Mobley is our first Wi-Fi plug-in for the car. It’s great for everyone – families, entertainment enthusiasts, and professionals. It allows multiple Wi-Fi-capable devices to connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, making it perfect for anyone on-the-go.”

Lixin Cheng, CEO and chairman of ZTE USA, said, “We worked with AT&T to define, build and deliver a product that was both useful and affordable. Collaborating with like-minded organizations in the U.S. has brought innovative Wi-Fi products to market that fuels our success and industry evolution.”

The device is available for $0 with a two-year contract and for $100 with no annual contract.


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