What To Do if You’re Trapped in a Snowstorm

Winter snowstorms can sneak up on you if you’re not prepared and it can certainly be scary. Lupient is here to help you know what to do!

  1. Gas up: Always drive with at least half a tank in case travel slows to a crawl or you get stranded.
  2. Have an emergency kit: If you’d like more info on this, visit our blog on Winter Car Emergency Kits here: https://blog.lupient.com/2015/10/16/winter-car-emergency-kit/
  3. Charge your phone: Keep your phone charged in case you need to use it to call for help. If you get caught in a storm or stranded, keep phone use to a minimum.
  4. Be visible: If you’re stuck in the snow, tie something brightly colored onto your antenna. This is a common way to signal that you need help. You can also use those road flares from your emergency kit! If you have neither, you can write “HELP” in the snow on your car.
  5. Stay in the car: It may be cold and claustrophobic, but ultimately it’s safer than being outside exposed to the elements in a winter storm. If you see another car approaching, however, get out and signal for help.
  6. Check the tailpipe: This is a simple way to avoid a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide in the car if you’re sitting with the engine running. The tailpipe should be clear of anything in its way, including snow.
  7. Run the engine intermittently: Run your engine for 10 to 15 minutes every hour to keep the car sufficiently warm and also melt some of the ice and snow off the car.
  8. Leave the dome light on: This will allow you to see inside the car, and also help people find you if search and rescue teams are out looking for people who need help.
  9. Keep moving: It’s important to avoid frostbite so try to keep up your circulation by moving your fingers and toes and changing your seated position frequently.
  10. Share body heat: If you’re in the car with other passengers, huddle together to keep warm.
  11. Stay alert: Be on the lookout for other cars and don’t fall asleep.
  12. Put on extra clothes: If you are not already wearing a jacket, hat, and mittens, put some on if you access to them. You can also put on the blanket from your emergency kit.

We hope you don’t find yourself in this situation, but if you do, heed these important tips and stay safe!


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