10 Ways to Get More Value for your Car

When it comes time to selling your old car, you’ll want to be able to get as much money for it as possible to put towards your new car. The tips below will ensure that you can do just that!

  1. Do your homework: Too many people trade-in their car without knowing what it’s worth, therefore just taking the first offer that comes to them. Website such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.com can tell you what your car is worth for free.
  2. Detail your car: Cleaning up your car can make a huge difference to a potential buyer. A good detail job could cost around $100, or you could take the time to do it yourself. Clean the windows, get rid of any marks on the upholstery, scrub the floor mats (or replace them entirely), wash and wax the outside, dust the dashboard, and don’t forget to vacuum.
  3. Keep up on maintenance: This means perform your car’s regular check-ups (oil changes, tire pressure, air filters, fluids, battery, etc.), and perform any recalls. Prior to selling your car, replace any necessary parts. Check your lights, oil, windshield wipers, brakes and tires.
  4. Keep all records: Document all repairs and maintenance with receipts, and save them in a special folder. When you go to sell your car, these can be used to show the prospective buyer that you have maintained your vehicle.
  5. Check your VIN report: A vehicle identification number (VIN) report is like a car’s credit report. It is the first document a prospective buyer often pulls, before even looking at the car. The report usually discloses the full history of a vehicle from the day it lands on a dealer’s dock up to current ownership and includes changes of ownership, accidents, servicing, etc. Many dealers update this report automatically when they service a vehicle. That’s one reason to use the dealership for servicing, even though it might cost more compared to the local repair shop. By checking the report every so often, you will know whether it shows all the activities or if any incorrect information has been added. If you see anything suspicious, instruct the insurance company that reported the incorrect information to the VIN-report preparer to correct the error.
  6. Keep mileage under control: The average mileage per year is 13,500. If you drive more than this, the value of your car will decrease.
  7. Keep it clean: Eating, drinking, and smoking in your car can have lasting effects, causing the interior to smell and ruining the appearance.
  8. Protect its appearance: Keep your car inside if you can, especially if you live in very cold or very warm environments. The cold can cause damage to your car’s internal engine components, causing costly and unnecessary repairs. Dents and scratches can be unavoidable, however, attempt to repair them before selling.
  9. Treat your car with respect: Do not use your car for reasons it was not intended. Avoid drastic start-stop driving, towing more than its capability, and excessive speeding.
  10. Be aware of any modifications you have made: Replacing or adding parts on your car can sometimes be unwanted by potential buyers; don’t do anything too out of the ordinary to your car.

We hope that these tips help you get the most out of your car!


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