Twin Cities Auto Show

The 2016 Twin Cities Auto Show (TCAS) is coming up – March 12-20 at the Minneapolis Convention Center! There will be more than 525 vehicles from more than 37 foreign and domestic dealers, valuing more than $15,000,000! You will have the chance to see new models in every category, learn about financing options, all new technology, and be able to sit in the driver’s seat of any shiny new car you’d like.

Other opportunities include:

  1. Registering for a free year of gas from Super America
  2. Toyota Truck Season – experience Toyota trucks and SUVs in real-life environments
  3. Meet and Greet with Olivia Holt – Olive Holt, Disney star of I didn’t Do It and Kickin’ It
  4. Classic Car Walk – Take a walk down memory lane with an avenue of classic cars
  5. Electric Room – Learn all about electric cars and their future
  6. Luxury Lane – See, hear, and feel some of the most luxurious cars in the industry
  7. Military Appreciation Night – March 15
  8. Camp Jeep – a 4-wheel drive experience where drivers let their riders get the feel of off-road driving as they drive over extreme terrain
  9. Meet members of the Minnesota State Patrol
  10. University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle – an ongoing project at the U of M; each car designed and built by students
  11. ICEE Days – the first 10,000 people to arrive on ICEE Days will receive a coupon for a free ICEE at Super America
  12. Monthly Special – Save $5 off all tickets for Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate! when you enter the code TCAS16
  13. Ride and Drive – Mazda, Toyota, and Ford will be offering the chance to test drive some of their cars right outside the Auto Show. Extra incentives may be available!
  14. iHeart Radio Listening Lounge – Relax and recharge while listening to and watching some of your favorite radio personalities
  15. Child Seat Safety Check – Get a complimentary Child Seat Safety inspection from accredited safety experts each Saturday and Sunday of the Auto Show
  16. Downtown Day – March 15 – Employees of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses will have the opportunity to receive discounted admission

With all the events happening, we’ll be sure to see you at this year’s Twin Cities Auto Show! We’re looking forward to it!

For all the show’s info, visit:



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