Prepping for Spring

Well, we think it may be official! Spring is here to stay! As you bring out those sports cars that were stashed away for winter or continue to use your trusted car throughout all seasons, it’s definitely to time to think about prepping your car for spring. Winter can be a very harsh time on our vehicles so spring is the perfect opportunity to clean up the insides and outsides. Take a look at our comprehensive list for everything to check to be able to jump into spring prepared!

Alignment – Potholes and other driving conditions can be hard on the alignment of your car. If you notice your car veers or pulls to one side while driving, it is a good idea to get your alignment checked.

Tires – Rough driving conditions have the potential to ruin or reduce tread on your tires as well as tire pressure. Be sure to check your tire pressure and adjust according to your own make and model. If the tread is severely worn down, it would be wise to invest in some new tires.

Brake Check – Due to their rough performance during the winter, brakes are used brashly and therefore lose their functionality. Make sure to get your brakes checked!

Oil Change – If you’re not on a set schedule for oil changes, the beginning of every season is usually a pretty good time to get one done. At this time, also make sure all your fluids are topped off. Fluids are essential to the optimum performance of your vehicle.

Wiper Blades – Wiper blades can be easily overlooked, even though they are right in front of you! Rough weather causes much wear and tear on your wiper blades, especially here in Minnesota where salt and grime come into contact with them. During the upcoming rainy months, it will be important to have fresh wiper blades; and don’t forget the rear one!

Hoses and Belts – Winter weather poses extreme conditions on your hoses and belts. At the beginning of the spring season, be sure to have them checked throughly.

Battery Check – If you feel comfortable, this is something that you can do yourself. Check the posts and connections of the battery to make sure they are free of dirt and corrosion.

Car Wash – The warm weather gives you a great excuse to head out to your driveway and give the outside of your car a thorough wash. Those drive-through washes just don’t do the same! Salt, debris, and grime can really make your car take a beating during the winter. Be sure to spray down the underside of your car, as this is often forgotten. Also, check the underside of your car for rust, and be sure to address any you see before it gets worse.

Clean the Interior – Treading through snow, salt, and all the dirtiness that winter encompasses and then bringing it into your car can do some damage to your floor mats and carpet. To combat this, you can wash and scrub your floor mats and vacuum out the inside of your car.

If you need help with any of the above, feel free to visit for all Lupient service locations and contacts or to schedule a service appointment today! Happy spring!


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