The Great Minnesota Get Together!

The Minnesota State Fair is right around the corner and if you’ve ever been to the Great Minnesota Get Together before – then you know why this is one of Minnesota’s favorite events!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of fairgoers battle the heat and the crowds to get their hands on their favorite mouth-watering food items. From Sweet Martha’s Cookies or the Mouth Trap Cheese Curds to the Corn Roast or whatever you can find on-a-stick (which is pretty much everything), there is something for everyone.

In-between food tastings, stopping at the animal barns is also a must. This gives children and adults alike the chance to view farm life with many different animals like Sheep and Cows to Roosters and Horses.

Concerts at the GrandStand get the place pumping every night and don’t forget to check out the free entertainment at the other BandStands around the fair!

So, Minnesota-fair goers – What is your favorite part about the best State Fair in the United States?! And are you looking to win free tickets for you and a friend? Well – Lupient is hosting some fun contests for you to win!







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