Tailgating Tips

Fall is around the corner and chances are you’re thinking about tailgating some football games. If you want to be the center of attention when it comes to tailgating with your vehicle, there are unique features and options that the best tailgating vehicle will have. So when deciding which vehicle to take to the tailgate or which vehicle to buy to best suit your tailgating needs, consider these features:

  1. Overall Capacity – You’ll need space for your gear, your food, and your passengers. If there’s not enough room, you can always consider towing a small trailer, taking a second vehicle, adding a roof-top carrier or a hitch-mounted cargo carrier.
  2. Adequate Seating – Your guests may need a place to get out of the sun or rain. These problems can always be combated by grabbing some folding chairs, sitting on coolers, and shelter can be created by adding canopies, sitting under the liftgate, or using umbrellas.
  3. Table Space and Flat Surfaces – You’ll need space to prepare and serve your food. Substitutions can be made with blankets on the ground or folding tables.
  4. Audio/Video Equipment – A good sound system or television can make or break it for some. You’ll need good speakers to listen to music or the pre-game highlights.
  5. Additional Features/Extras – A/C power in the rear, cup holders

Now that that’s covered, some cars that Lupient has to offer that are ideal for tailgating include:

  1. Chevrolet Traverse
  2. Nissan Armada
  3. Kia Sorento
  4. GMC Acadia
  5. Chevrolet Silverado

All these great tailgating options have plenty of seating, some with a third row, updated entertainment features, and great capacity for passengers and gear.



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