Winterizing Your Vehicle

Proper care for your vehicle is always important, but during the winter months here in Minnesota, it is imperative that you take precautions to make sure that your vehicle runs great through the freezing temperatures we experience every year.


Make sure that your vehicle’s Coolant, oil, and wiper fluid are replaced or refilled. Coolant contains antifreeze to make sure that the fluid in your radiator does not freeze and freeze resistant wiper fluid will be sure to keep your vision clear through your windshield.


When the temperature drops below freezing, make sure to add air to your tires. Low tire pressure reduces traction and also wears on your tires more. You also want to make sure your tires are not worn out as wet or slick roads will become even more dangerous with less traction caused by worn tires.


Your vehicle’s battery capacity is reduced by cold weather and we recommend a thorough inspection to make sure it’s going to power up your vehicle. Check to make sure the cables are free from cracks and that the terminals are tightened. The battery fluid should also be checked and refilled with distilled water if necessary. Be aware of how old your battery is so you can be ready to replace it before it goes out on you.


Packing an emergency kit in your vehicle is crucial. Blankets, hat, gloves, shovel, flashlight, road flares, ice scraper and snacks are a few options to get started. Prepare for the worst just in case you become stranded somewhere.


Keeping up regular maintenance is going to keep your vehicle running the best for the worst situations that a harsh winter can bring.

Bring on the cold and snow Minnesota, we’re ready for you!


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