Presidents’ Day & Automotive

Ever wonder what a President’s car would be? Beside the slick black sedans and SUVs that the Secret Service uses to chauffeur the Man In Charge around, plenty of the USA’s past Presidents were car enthusiasts.

Here are a handful of our favorites worth looking back at:

William Taft – Baker Electric Runabout


President Taft was the first President to own a vehicle. He even ordered to have the horse stables turned into a garage to park his multiple vehicles.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – Packard Twelve


While President Roosevelt couldn’t actually drive himself – he certainly knew how to ride in style. His pick was the Packard Twelve which was eventually fit with bulletproof glass making this ride the first armored vehicle for a President.

John F. Kennedy – Ford Thunderbird


President Kennedy had quite the fascination with Ford Thunderbirds and collected many different models during his presidency. He even had his inauguration parade filled with over 2 dozen Thunderbirds – which Ford had trouble supplying.

Ronald Reagan – Subaru BRAT


Ronald Reagan had multiple vehicles – but this Subaru BRAT let him explore the land at his sprawling California Ranch.

Bill Clinton – Ford Mustang Convertible


President Clinton’s pride and joy was his Mustang Convertible, which he says was one of the hardest things to leave behind when he moved into the White House.


Which President do you relate to the most? Which car would you have parked in the old horse stables at the White House if you were President?


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