The Dog Friendly Nissan

For all of you dog lovers out there – Nissan has just unveiled a dog-friendly concept vehicle!

The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs was designed with your favorite pooch in mind. Completely equipped with a pull-out shower and dryer to make sure your 4-legged friend is clean before taking a ride. A slide out ramp makes it easy on any dog to get into the back of the SUV and keeps you from having to lift them up into the vehicle.

Once inside the concept Nissan X-Trail – your puppy can relax in their doggy bed, grab a treat from the automatic treat dispenser, or get a drink from the no-spill water bowl. Best of all? You can check up on your beloved pooch from the display on your dashboard and they can even see you on their very own 10″ LCD screen installed in the back!

We sure hope that Nissan decides to make this concept a reality! Wouldn’t your 4-legged friends enjoy riding in luxury?






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