Top 5 Minnesota Road Trips to Take This Summer

Spring is finally here and we are anxious to get out of the house and explore after being stuck inside for so long!

Keane Amdahl at has helped share some of the best road trips to take this spring, summer and fall!


#1 – Afton State Park


Afton State Park is high on the list for road trips because its only a 40 minute drive from the Minneapolis area. Ideal for hiking or relaxing on the scenic St. Croix River beaches, Afton State Park is a beautiful, but close by escape from the busy city life.


#2 – Taylors Falls


Being about 1 hour outside of the Twin Cities, Taylors Falls is another destination that’s close enough to do a simple afternoon trip. The expanse of rocky walking trails and scenic views are nothing shy of incredible, and there are several great opportunities for rock climbing excursions. Canoe trips along the St. Croix are always a good time, or maybe you’re more interested in a gorgeous ferry ride.


#3 – Schell’s Brewery

copy-of-schells-065Schell’s Brewery is about 1.45 hours from the cities but being the 2nd oldest family-run brewery in the US, it’s a pretty cool place to check out. They offer a tour of the brewery and also a Museum that will teach you more about the history of brewing.


#4 – Jeffers Petroglyphs


2.5 hours from Minneapolis, the Jeffers Petroglyphs will give you an incredible insight into the culture and history from more than 7,000 years ago. The vast array of flat rocks in this area tell numerous stories with Native American carvings.


#5 – Madden’s Resort


This Resort is situated 2.5 hours away on a Peninsula in Gull Lake. Madden’s resort is full of activities like golfing and water sports and is just a relaxing and beautiful getaway from the city for a weekend!


Share with us what your favorite Minnesota road trip spot is! To see more great places to check out, visit:


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Minnesota Road Trips to Take This Summer

  1. As a child we took a Minnesota road trip, of sorts, every summer from our home in B.C. Canada to my grandparents home in Annandale, Minnesota. But my favourite Minnesota Road trip was the 15 min drive between my grandparents by Camp Lake, which was my mom’s childhood home, and my aunt and uncles and grandma’s at Lake Sylvia, which was my dad’s home. Coming or going, didn’t matter, cuz a little piece of heaven was at either end.

  2. @RhondaHollister Thank you for sharing your favorite MN road trip! This 15 minute trip between these 2 important (and beautiful) places sounds like such a wonderful memory that you hold! 🙂

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