Safe Teen Driving

With school starting back up this month, that may mean more driving for your newly licensed teenager. With football games on Friday nights, shopping sprees on the weekends and every other activity in-between, having a teen that is self sufficient to drive themselves to their never-ending events can be a a great convenience for mom and dad but it can also bring on a lot of worrying.

It’s important to establish clear and reasonable driving rules that favor safety over convenience with your teens and make sure that your young driver knows that you are always available if they don’t feel comfortable driving for any reason. Some examples of safety rules to communicate and set with your teen include:

  • Set limits such as quantity of passengers and nighttime
  • Provide significant supervised driving experience for your teen
  • Train young driver on a variety of road types (urban, rural) and in different conditions such as nighttime, rain, or snow
  • Continue to monitor teen during the months of greatest risk to crash – up to 12 months

If you are looking for more information regarding teen driving, The Minnesota Department of Public Safety website has a great list of FAQ’s to review:


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